Calgary Spring Weather Cautions

Lice?  Tummy issues?  Eye irritations.

I wrote this back in March of 2015 - and thought I would transfer to our new site here for our new clients!  

Spring type weather (which we in Calgary have been having for the last few months) - brings on some not so friendly issues.  

Guy & Charlie enjoying a meltdown at Sleep Rover Mar 2017

Guy & Charlie enjoying a meltdown at Sleep Rover Mar 2017

It is perfect weather for viruses and bacteria to spread and dust and allergens to fly around as they melt.

I decided to write a blog just as a prewarning to all dog owners.  It is the end of February, and a client approached me today, saying that there apparently is a Lice outbreak in Calgary.  I had not heard anything, however a few weeks ago, one of our regular clients did find lice on her dog.  He had long hair and was a big dog.  Being it was the only case, I just took note of it - but if it is seen by other facilities, I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a heads up.

In our years of business- we rarely see Lice or Fleas - however it is the perfect weather for these parasites to appear.  I usually do recommend using Revolution during these times - ESPECIALLY if you have long and thick haired dogs.  

ALSO, if you are planning a long vacation for Rover during these seasons at Sleep Rover - a dose of Revolution in the beginning of the trip is also recommended to protect your dog.  

I do however believe that we do not need to vaccinate with Revolution monthly as noted by some vets.  Something that kills fleas, lice, heartworms etc - can not be that great for your dog.

I personally *knock on wood* have not had any of our dogs get either lice or fleas - and every year, we have less than 10 dogs a year that get it client wise at Sleep Rover - which is extremely low.  It is important to check over your dog regularly and note any extra itching and scratching.  You can check your dogs near the ears, the neck, the armpits - is where they are most commonly found.

Prevention during this time will save more hassle for you, compared to dealing with the infestation.

The infected dog advised us immediately and did remain at home for over a week and we at Sleep Rover, wash our bedding every day.  The chances of spreading and contamination are less - compared to the jumping fleas.

We also have noticed a few clients advise of their dog puking.  

Although some of the cases are from dogs eating melted snow, to rabbit feces - it is important to know - with melting snow - and dog licking paws etc - it is important to keep your dogs hydrated and consider giving them Bone Broth.  Read more here:

I have a dog poop eating girl - and what I like to use to rinse out her system, is a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.  I would fast her for food in the morning and then give her Bone Broth for dinner.  After it is back to her regular feeding the next day.

Note that if your dog continues to puke non stop and display signs of lethargy within 24 hours - you need to rush them to the vet to insure that there are not any other underlying issues.  

Eye Irritations

This was the first year I have heard of snow mold!  What is snow mold??  I guess many humans get allergies during Spring because of it - and I would imagine - is the reason why some dogs get eye infections.

Of course dirt, dry weather - lots of things, will contribute to eye irritations!  Having some eye drops approved by your vet on hand - are great ways to moisturize and rinse out your dogs eyes to prevent any infections.

For me, I have basic saline solution on hand at all times for my dogs.  When they get extra discharge - I will start giving them eye drops just to moisturize and rinse out anything bothering their eyes and it usually goes away within a few days.

As noted, this is for the basic maintenance - if your dog shows more extreme signs, you will need to visit your vet.  Anything from eye detaching, tear ducts, to eye infections can get serious if not seen by a vet.  

If you have any experiences with the above or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Although these are inconveniences of having an active dog, it is important to let us know, so we may document and keep track of any occurrences, and of course, give you advice and suggestions.