7th Annual Operation Santa Paws - How Can You Help Make a Difference?

It does not matter how much you donate, to make a difference.  It is the thought and efforts that count, that mean the most.

Little Things Make Big Things Happen!

Whether you can donate $1, or $100 - you can help even if you have no funds, by sharing this post to other animal loving people.  That itself, is a form of donation.  Another way you can help, is to gather your co-workers, friends, people at the gym, or family together.  Sweat equity is sometimes more important, than the actual monetary donations.

Each one of you, can help make a difference, this holiday season, for these animals in need.

This year, we have added Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary.  Their philosophy is quite like Heaven Can Waits - they take on cases, that some rescues are unable to.  Therefore they have longer staying animals, sometimes with health issues, behavior issues etc.  

Long term residents at these rescues, not only cost daily on food and resources, but man power and utilities - including laundry, training and ongoing medical bills that pile up.

Not only does Saving Grace house dogs and cats - they also take on livestock.  

So with the 3 rescues we have chosen, you have 3 different ways to help out:

1.  HEAVEN CAN WAIT Sponsor a pet - Check out their profiles on our Facebook Page, and gather the items with your family, friends or co-workers.  Bring the finished package to Sleep Rover, and we will be delivering these gifts, to High River -  check out last years delivery here:

2.  ALBERTA SPAY & NEUTER TASK FORCE:  Fill the Bin - As Winter is usually the end of all their hard work at local communities - the Task Force is looking for more tiny items.  We set aside a huge bin at Sleep Rover - to which you all may fill up with their needs for 2018!  Stationary items are huge as well.  The list is below:


3.  SAVING GRACE ANIMAL SANCTUARY:  Buy a Bulb - Saving Grace recently attained another building to house more animals.  With that, they need a few items to furnish this facility - to run efficiently.  Funds towards a new washer/dryer, Pee Pads, Buckets for livestock, monetary donations to help with their outstanding vet bills, dog food, cat food, hay bails etc.  You can find these bulbs at Sleep Rover, hanging on our trees.  Just pluck one, and pay at the till, and your monetary donation will be tabulated.  Amanda & I will then purchase the items and deliver to them - and we will vlog the whole process!

We look forward to another successful year.  This event is great to share with your friends, family and co-workers - no need to do it alone!  Not only does it bring us all together, it puts more hearts, hands and love into the project.  THAT is what the holidays is all about. 

Giving not just material things, to others, but sharing the moment together.

I know our girls - especially Amanda (tis her season!), put countless, endless hours, on getting this event together.  It fills our building with Holiday Cheer.  The love spreads like wild fire, and we are so happy, to be able to share this, with all of you!  Images designed by the amazing and talented Nandi!