Holiday Shopping Suggestions for that Dog Lover!

Sometimes it is hard to purchase a gift for that person in your life, however if they love dogs like we do - getting a gift for them to spoil Rover, might be a good idea!

At Sleep Rover, our love of anything awesome for dogs, is our passion.  Our manager Amanda and I, attend a yearly conference, to see what is new, what is great and what is needed, in all dogs lives!  #sleeproverdogboutique - stocking the best for dogs, in treats, food and apparel.  Take a quick peek in our boutique with this video!

OUR GIFT CHOICE for under $30

If you want to keep it simple, everyone needs a dog tag!  Do a combo of treat & tag combo.  


We brought in the MY FAMILY ID TAGS from Italy- so that you can personally engrave your own dog tag at Sleep Rover.  A great gift combo is having a dog tag chosen, engraved, and wrapped with ribbon around a bully stick.  We were super choosy about which company to bring in, and the quality of tags, the variety and ease of use for this was hands down the best.  Pair it with the company that gives back, a Canadian Company, HERO DOG treats!  Read about this amazing company.

OUR GIFT CHOICE for under $100

Amanda's choice this holiday season is outerwear.  Her goal for the Fall/Winter 2017 season was to bring in as many stylish and quality outerwear for all dog lovers.  Whether you choose the more affordable sweaters from Chilly Dog Sweaters - to the Canadian Weather Inspired Canada Pooch - and the top notch, fully warrantied Ruffwear Dog Performance Gear - we got you covered!

Her top 3 choices from the 3 companies are:

Cozy Sweaters

Holiday themed sweater - large enough to fit her boy Molson, but small enough to fit a chihuahua - here is the Chilly Dog Peppermint Holiday Sweater!  Model is Molson @bigandfluffycrew

Brave Canada Winters

When you have no fur, you need to be protected from the elements - such as snow, wind and keeping dry.  This fleeced choice by Canada Pooch Summit Vest (in 3 colors) is popular - as it fits large chested dogs as well!  Model is Shogun @joycekao_sr

Great Alone or Layered

Ruffwear preps your outdoor loving dogs for the elements.  The very popular Overcoat is great on its own, with the tough exterior, warm fleece interior - BUT easily layered onto their Cloud Chaser and Front Range Harness!  Model is Alexus @alexusthepupper


Lastly, our third choice - is a SPLURGE!  Every spoiled dog has a fancy bed.  Not only does it add a hint of style to your home decor, it is the best way to pamper Rover.  I mean they spend a lot of time sleeping!  We are so lucky that one of the best dog beds is made by a Canadian Company called Bowsers!  The most popular styles are the Piazza and Donut Beds - however their newest style, the Divine Futon is a great mix of both!  Those new fabrics are to die for - and look at how happy Bourbon is!  When you order through Sleep Rover, you save on shipping!


We hope we helped make some of your choices easier!  Do not miss out on our Rover Market, dated December 3rd from 1pm to 4pm at Sleep Rover!  Local Vendors will be showing their wares for sale - AND we will have some amazing in store specials!

However if you do not want to miss out on select items, come soon, before they are sold out!

Happy Shopping!