Too Lazy to Brush Your Dog's Teeth?

How do I keep my dogs teeth clean? I think everyone assumes I actually brush my dogs teeth nightly. Honestly, I sometimes forget to brush my OWN teeth at night…

We get asked often, what I do, to keep my dogs teeth so clean. My own vet even asks me. In my 25 years of having dogs (gosh that is a quarter of a decade) on my own, none of my dogs have needed Dental Work done (knock on wood).

Some dogs sadly, are just born with bad teeth. Could be genetics, breed or just bad luck. My Bull Terrier Azumi will probably be the first dog I have, that will need dental work, due to her jaw structure.

However minus the above, you can maintain great dog teeth till their senior years with proper diet - yes that means proper Raw Feeding (with bones!).

However not all of us can do raw feeding, so daily ingestion of kibble, builds tartar, with nothing to rid it. Imagine you eating pure carbs, sugars and processed foods.

Raw bones provide great chewing with nutritional benefits (like calcium, minerals and collagen etc). The motion of the dogs back teeth, trying to get the meat off the bones, moves and brushes away tartar.

Like toys - to be safe - SUPERVISE all dog chewing - I suggest to take away bones when they are small enough to choke, or after 20 mins of chewing.

Like toys - to be safe - SUPERVISE all dog chewing - I suggest to take away bones when they are small enough to choke, or after 20 mins of chewing.

I usually recommend 3 things to our clients. Bully Sticks being first, Dental Treats (which there are not many natural ones out there) and my most favorite, raw meaty bones.


raw meaty neck bones

Beef, Lamb or Bison

Over the years, I have gone from Knuckle Bones, to Marrow Bones to necks etc. This year, my most fave that I am recently implementing into my dogs diet, are beefy neck bones. Rib bones are great as well - but they have minimal meat. For smaller dogs, Chicken and Duck feet are great as well as chicken necks. Both provide bone and meat. DO NOT be alarmed to find your dogs stool is more firm.

I also suggest Feet and Necks for dogs with looser stools. The bone content firms up poop, and is why raw fed dogs, are a pleasure to pick up after.

At Sleep Rover we sell Artisan Raw Rib Bones and Neck Bones as well as Primal Pets Turkey and Chicken necks.


Bully Sticks

HeroBullySticks™ are a 100% natural, dehydrated NOT treated

My 2nd choice are Bully Sticks. Make sure the treatment on them are done by reputable companies such as Hero Dog. I love Bully Sticks because it literally is one ingredient.

HeroBullySticks™ are a 100% natural, dehydrated and government inspected. Our bully sticks are low odour, meaning these are washed inside and out before drying but are NOT treated with any chemicals to reduce the smell. Our bully sticks are an excellent long lasting chew treat, a great source of protein, and suitable for all dog sizes. HeroBullySticks™ are free of chemicals and preservatives. They are low in fat, and easily digestible. HeroBullySticks™ are product of Brazil from free-range beef, and are USDA, CFIA, FDA approved.

Third, for an easy treat that you just pull out of a bag, are the Dental Chews. So many out there, but we chose the Merrick Fresh Kisses due to them having ‘better’ ingredients versus the Pedigree and Greenies.

recipe-banner-image (1).png

I also credit the K9 Gentle Dental team for cleaning my dogs teeth every year. Not only do they remove the tartar build up on my dogs teeth, they help me check my dogs teeth every year, track it, so I can report to my vet when needed. No need to put your dog under. The dogs are comfortable and treated so well. Not all teeth cleaning companies are alike (just like all dentists are not) so do your research.