Kefir Dog Pops and CocoButter Dog Bombs - Good for YOUR DOG

When the cold weather starts to roll around, I find my dogs skin to be more dry (just like us humans). I start making them some gut friendly, good for them BOMBS. I first got introduced to FAT BOMBS when I started my Keto diet last year. Quick snacks that are good for me, usually consisting of high quality coconut oil and either a fruit or nut butter.


kefir and coconut bombs

good for doggos

I started making some basic ones for my dogs too - just because the molds, make their food look extra fancy!


I have some super fun recipes that are easy for you to make. Rubber molds are recommended as it is easier to remove the bombs, and the designs are adorable. I have heart ones, bone ones and paw ones - all can be found on Amazon.

Watch our Video on this combo:

Watch our Video on this combo:

  1. BONE BROTH POP - Simple! You can buy the Bone Broth at Sleep Rover to keep it simple. We sell Primal Broth and Borderland Bone Broth. OR you can make your own here:

    That post was from 5 years ago where I solely used chicken - and since, I have really enjoyed using BEEF Marrow Bones and Knuckle Bones as well. Chicken Feet as well, create more good for you collagen. Remember you can save some to make soup for yourself too.

    a) Step 1 - Warm up the premade broth. You can serve over dog food at this state.

    b) To make Bone Broth Bomb - warm one cup which usually fills 2 molds full!

    c) Spoon fill your Rubber Mold of choice with broth - feel free to add a parsley leaf in each. Parsley is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

    d) Freeze overnight and serve (or 6 hours)! A great treat on those hot days.

  2. COCOBUTTER BOMB: Coconut Oil and Natural Peanut Butter - super delicious - every dog loves! I highly suggest choosing a high quality Coconut Oil. It gets a bad rap on some sites, because people choose the cheapest out there, which of course, the cheaper it is, MOST likely, you are getting the ‘left over’ grinds of the product. I get my 2 products from Blush Lane Organics in Calgary, because they are really good at sourcing responsibly. When you purchase your Peanut Butter, make sure there is no sugars added. As natural as possible.

    a) Step 1 - warm up a non stick pot on medium to low, and place 1TB of Peanut Butter on the pot to soften it;

    b) Step 2 - place 3 TB of Coconut Oil - melt together and stir;

    c) Step 3 - add 1 tsp of Manuka Honey. I rave about Manuka Honey for myself during flu season. Read more about it when you feel under the weather. Add 1/2 Teaspoon of Cinnamon to the mixture.

    d) Stir and spoon into molds. At this point, you can throw in a few blueberries for some extra fibre and nutrition!

    FOR MORE FUN - you can always start with Coconut Oil first (save a teaspoon for Step 2) - and fill the molds half full. Place in fridge for a few hours to solidify. Then spoon in the warm peanut butter mixture (with a little bit of the melted coconut oil for liquefying purposes) right on top and place in fridge again. It will give it a color layered look!

  3. Kefir Gut POP - Kefir Milk or Yogurt have probiotics to help with your gut. Teamed with some inflammation control ingredients such as Cinnamon and Parsley - it is a good for Rover treat!

    a) Combine all ingredients together in a bowl and mix - by hand for more chunky, mixer for more blended consistency. Combine 1 cup Kefir Yogurt or Milk, 1 Tablespoon Manuka Honey, 1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon, 1/4 cup of fresh Parsley, 1/4 cup of your dogs favorite food (I chose Blueberries and Bananas combined).

    b) Spoon info or pour into molds and freeze in Freezer overnight!

Hope you and your dog enjoy this special time together. Trust me, they will want to lick the bowls after! At the end, they do not care how you serve the food, as you can see below, on my ‘plop’ method. The bombs are just so much cuter.