HELLO SPRING... #SRtrickytuesday is HERE!

Amanda and I wanted to start something fun for the Spring!  We often get questions, on how we get our dogs to sit all together for photos, or how we attempt to walk all our dogs on leash through the streets of Downtown Calgary.

In this series, we hope to bring a fun approach to our love for dogs, and of course, to get to know all of our Sleep Rover fans.  We have fans from all over the world, Hong Kong, London, down to Texas, or next door in Saskatoon!

Each week, we will choose a winner, whether it be a free day of daycare, one of our amazing #sleeproverdogboutique items OR a gift certificate to support a local business.

Speaking of local businesses, this first video of Shogun features a hip bandana from the great folks at Doodle Dogs off of Memorial and Parkland and treats by Drool Pawtesserie - yum to their Bacon Bones!

How to enter?  Every Tuesday, we will post a trick on Instagram (which posts to our Facebook).  You can enter by:

1.  Going on our Facebook Page, and posting your video under the comments section of the specified trick that week; OR

2.  Uploading a video on Instagram, and hashtagging #SRtrickytuesday;

We will consider all entries before midnight of that Tuesday, and announce our winner on Thursday!

Each week, our tricks will get harder.  On top - Molson from @BigandFluffyCrew and Shogun from @joycekao_sr - will have a TRICK OFF! 

Who do you think, can do the most tricks in one time? 

Who do you think, can do the most tricks in one time? 

We will post voting closer to the end of April!  Get your tricks all polished up folks!

Tricks are a great way to spend some time with your furry friend, and learn patience, focus and.. the best part, all the laughs!