My Kananaskis with Dogs

Last year, 2018, my goal was to Road Trip more with the dogs.

This year, I wanted to amp it up, and do something at LEAST once a month. January 2019 - we tried out Kananaskis, something close by.

Kananaskis is just about an hour away from Calgary. It is also a super dog friendly. You can drive in and stay at the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge that is Pet Friendly and get Room Service. The next day, take a hike at nearby Troll Falls or Elbow Falls. Super easy, and a quick getaway. If you have time, the Nordic Spa.

We went mid January to the Mountain Lodge to celebrate Shogun’s 10th Birthday. They are not breed discriminatory there, nor do they have a size restriction. WE LOVE THAT! They of course require you to have well behaved dogs, and respect their leash and clean up rules.


Although we did not have time to venture the whole premise, they have a famous spa, the Nordic Spa, that recently got updated. Last time I went here, was back in the Olympic days, when my parents had a timeshare here. It has changed a lot since then. The decor is great. There is a skating pond out back in the winter time too.

We ordered room service, and it was good, not Vegas Room Service good, but good. Beds were clean and comfy.

The service is amazing. Everyone greets and welcomes you, and the staff are always asking if you are okay, if you are enjoying yourself.

A hike to do, is Troll Falls. Do not follow Google, as it takes you right into Nakiska Ski Lodge. Just follow the signs, as it is a quick turnoff right before you go up the hill.

The hike is ranked easy, and if we did not take so many photos along the way, it only took 2 hours back and forth. The distance is 3.4km. A very minimal incline.

Hike Essentials - I love my handsfree leash from Ruffwear. I also recommend a harness for your dog, so they are not pulling on their collar at their neck the whole 2.5 hours you are walking. Amanda had her dogs equipped with the Hurtta Y Harness.

For the winter, boots for your dogs do help, and of course, for the little ones, I put Jack in a backpack. He was in the K9 Sportsack - I bought mine at Doodle Dogs!

Another easy hike/walk are the Elbow Falls in Bragg Creek that we did last year. You literally park your vehicle, leash up your dogs and walk around the easy marked paths. Beware, this is a super popular walk, so go early, or you will not find parking. Photos by The Dog with a Bow Photography of my Crew!

Be safe and respect everyone’s bubble on your visits. Just because your dog is friendly, does not give you the right to have your dog approach a human or another dog, without consent. As courtesy on hikes, we always sit our dogs, and have them wait, and allow others to walk by us safely. Keep it #petfriendlycanada!