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Sleep Rover Closed - Jan 28

It has been tough over the last 7 years to get ALL our staff together to celebrate - and not rush it.  2016 was such a rough year for all - that if it was not for our amazing #teamsleeprover - we truly would not have been able to push through this huge hill and hump.  Teamed with our amazing clients (#sleeproversquad) - we want to celebrate 2016 with ALL our staff.  

January 28th was the only day we had zero bookings, so we wish to keep this day closed so that I can take the girls out to Banff and enjoy a day with them.  A fun brunch with some photos and of course some team building fun - INCLUDING our hardworking overnight team.  Giving everyone a well deserved break.

If it was not for everyones smile each morning, their hard work and positive vibes - our management team would struggle through all the pressure.  Our caregivers are the foundation of our business and the most important part of our team.  It was tough to find our missing links - but we are proud to see our new team members succeed and be that missing link we have had a hard time finding, for the last 3 years.

We apologize for the inconvenience - however we will be closed as of Friday, January 27th at 9pm (no overnights, and daycares must be all checked out) till Sunday, January 28th at 9am.

Thank you for all your support!

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