Calgary's First Indoor Dock for Dog Jumping

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They HATE Water

If they hate the water, do not force them. Dogs should not be forced to do anything they do not wish. #splashzoneyyc is not for them!



how much does your dog love water?

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Water is LIFE!

If they love water, than sign up immediately for a few Beginner Group Sessions to get them all warmed up. Once they feel comfortable, progression into the fast paced Advanced classes will get them more water time!

It all started as Shogun's Love for the Water...

In Calgary, we have a short summer season - so to increase Shogun's time in the water, we added an indoor pool.  Come try it out supervised with our coaches.  Join the Calgary Dock Diving Dogs here: Facebook Page.

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Loves River & Ocean

If Rover is not afraid of the water, and you want them to try it out - a few private sessions might be a great way to get them comfortable without distractions.

A lesser commitment, is the beginner group sessions - where you share the pool. Keep in mind, the pool is different than the river/ocean - it is more intimidating, and might take a few sessions for Rover to get comfortable.