Why Daycare?

Phoebe having fun at Daycare - she was our First Chosen Muttdel for Oct 2016

You come home to a tired out puppy after your RUFF day at work! Mental stimulation, exercise and socialization is key to a healthy and happy dog!

WHEN SHOULD YOU USE DAYCARE?  If you are unable to get home to Rover due to a long work day - book Rover in!  No need to worry about rushing to come home to a soiled house.  If you are having a weekend full of partying and fun - let Rover have a party of his own!  This way you won't feel guilty.  Evening Concerts?  No worries, leave Rover with us so you can enjoy your long night out.  Weekend errands?  Marathons?  Book Rover in so you do not need to worry about them.  They will have fun and be tired by the time you get them.

Why do we not suggest dogs to come on a daily basis?

Over stimulation. Just like us humans, dogs that are overstimulated get more cranky and easily upset. We all need our breaks!
Our suggestion? Twice a week! This gives them enough mental and physical stimulation to last them the week!!  As we do accommodate long stays for overnights, we can accommodate daily daycares as well.  We will adjust our schedule for your dog, if they need more rests.  

Why is an outside yard important?

Our dogs get outside time at least every hour in our 17,000 sq. ft. yard! It is also decorated with fun playsets to go up and down on! Who wants to be cooped inside all day without some fresh air and a place to relieve themselves? Our outdoor space hosts many PAWRTIES throughout the year, Pool Pawrties, Sports Day, Breed Days and much, much more! We always ensure our clients have fresh water while enjoying their outdoor playtimes to keep Rover hydrated! Our large outdoor yard also has many shaded areas for those hot summer days!