Canine Massage

At Sleep Rover, we are home to, two amazing therapists.

It was an eye opener for me 4 years ago, when Shogun was really struggling to function - every move hurt him.  I assumed the worst, as he was just a few months shy of 10 years old.

I met Sarah from Paws to Prints through rescue work, through Heaven Can Wait.  She was one of the ladies that cared for my aggressive adopted boy Bourbon.  She had been doing massages on dogs for years before I inquired with her, to take a peek at Shogun.  I did not want him on meds if I did not have to.

Within a few sessions, he became a puppy all over again. A pinched nerve here, and a sore shoulder that kinked his neck, and some spinal misalignment, caused all his pain.  With his senior years, jumping, chasing balls and all his zoomies, just caught up to him.

I credit Sarah for saving his life - and now seeing so many of our clients, thrive with massage, makes me so happy.

Sometimes pain, can cause a dog not to eat, or become reactive due to pain.  Having a monthly check with a masseuse, is a great way to keep a dogs quality of life at it's max, just like for us humans.  

Sarah now massages out of Sleep Rover twice a week, so we make it easy for you to take advantage of her services.

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In 2022, one of our long time clients, an EMS worker, got certified as well.  With her experience and love for dogs, she started Thrive Wellness, and is flexible on availability for bookings at Sleep Rover, or in your home.  Learn more about Tasia here:

Your dog will get massaged in our dedicated Massage Room, recently painted by Calgary Chalk Artist!  You will get a thorough review of your appointment and a photo.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions on this.