Rover Spa Grooming

At Rover Spa, we strive for the best care for your furry friend and always strive for quality over quantity.  We require dog grooming to be booked in advance (please try to book 2 weeks in advance) via phone or email and require drop-offs before 9:00am on the day of your scheduled appointment.


Please note - that the prices below - are an estimate based on coat, length, coat condition and temperament.  A well behaved Chihuahua that loves grooming would be cheaper than a matted Chihuahua who spends the session biting and screaming.


Bath Brush Nails

Small: $50-$70 (5-25lbs)
Med: $65-85 (25lbs - 50lbs)
Lg:  $85-$105 (50lbs - 75lbs)
XL: $105+ (75lbs +)

Bath and Tidy

Bath Brush & Nails package with sanitary and paw trim

Small: $60-$80 
Med: $70-$90
Lg: $95-$110
XL: $115+ 

Kennel Cut

Small: $70-$90
Med: $80-$100
Lg: $95-$120
XL: $115+

a typical shave down, under 1/2" of hair or less - same length all over 

Teddy Bear / Breedcut

Small: $80-$100
Med: $90-$110
Lg: $105-$130
XL: $125+

a longer hair cut down with a guard comb between 1/2" to 2" inch.  This is a higher maintenance cut and must be done with regular brushing and appointments every 4-6 weeks. 

A la Carte

Nails $10
Filing $15 or 5 add on to groom
Glands $10 or $5 add on to groom
Ear cleaning $10
Trimming $10 each (feet, face, sanitary)
Dematting $10 per 10min


Prices are based on coat condition and temperament. We strive to make grooming a positive and comfortable experience, dogs with  excess matting will charged extra for dematting if it can be done in a humane manner. 

We require all grooming clients to check in before 9:00am and kindly request if you need your dog done early (before 3pm) to please let us know in advance and we would be more then happy to accommodate your request.  No show fees of $25 for missed appointments.

All grooming clients get a free day of daycare at Sleep Rover, your dog will be placed back into the group with their pup and caregiver pals after the completion of their grooming appointment! If you would like your dog to stay clean after grooming you may request a call when your dog is finished grooming for a prompt pick up or alternatively for your dog to be kenneled separately from the group.

Did you know we only use natural, biodegradable, and cruelty free shampoos on your beloved friend?  We take pride in the products we use on ourselves and therefore  only believe in the best for your dog. Please let us know if your dog has any allergies and we can ensure to use a hypoallergenic shampoo.