What Client's Say About Us


Lyla & Ollie

Sleep rover to me can be explained in one word, “Family”. I appreciate how warm and friendly the staff are, and appreciate that they all love dogs as much as I do. And that’s saying a lot because I LOVE dogs. I appreciate that you are staffed 24/7. It would be difficult for me with my work schedule, to have a dog, let alone two. I appreciate that the staff get to know each dog and their personalities, so they are able to mitigate anxiety and make each stay comfortable. I appreciate Sleep Rover’s work in the community, be it a Xmas drive for a rescue society, dog meet ups, markets, and to fostering dogs. I was lucky enough to gain a 3.5lb lil turkey because of SR. I appreciate that you carry all the latest things in your store, be it food, supplements, toys and of course all the latest K9 fashions. And last but not least I appreciate you, Joyce. I am so thankful for all your support and understanding. I am grateful that I get to bring my dogs to such an amazing place.

The Ainslies

Why is Sleep Rover important to us? Sleep Rover is an extension of our home. It's a place we bring our dogs where we know that they will be loved, respected and cared for. I don't even trust my family enough to watch our pets. Sleep Rover is our pets home away from home. Every dog that we have owned has been a client at Sleep Rover. They look forward to coming in every morning. As soon as we turn the corner and start coming down the street, the happy dance starts. That anticipation, the tail wagging, the whining. They know they are going to have a great day playing with their furiends!! If they weren't treated well, they wouldn't be so excited to go back. Th little extra touches make Sleep Rover special. The daily report cards, the daily photos and videos, the contests and photo shoots. And then there is the staff. I love that the facility is staffed 24 hours. I can comfortably enjoy my vacation, knowing that my dogs are safe and looked after around the clock. And the quality of the staff. I love coming in and everyone knows me, knows my dog. Also, makes me feel like part of the family. We're all together in all the good, happy and sad parts of our lives and the lives of our dogs. We will be lifetime Sleep Rover clients and will always recommend Sleep Rover to all my friends. We love you, Joyce and Jimmy and all your staff!!

The Lenzin Family

Our furbaby Sami has been a member of the Sleeprover troop for almost seven years. These seven years have been a great journey with Sleeprover. The staff are always warm and welcoming when we drop Sami off for his day of adventure. They know Sami's name and inspire enthusiasm and joy as Sami hurries off to join his friends. We appreciate the care and attention the Sleeprover team give to their furry charges. We look forward to the daily pictures and reports we receive whether it is just the daycare or when he's spending overnight time at Sleeprover. We are thankful to have Sleeprover, Joyce, Jimmy and the rest of the Sleeprover team who provide a safe and caring environment for Sami. Thank you for all you do.

Theo & Riley

There is simply no other doggie daycare that compares to Sleeprover! Joyce and her team are just the best, so caring and attentive. We never have to worry about Theo and Riley whenever we are away. You know they treat each and every pup like family. We have received a lot of advice from Joyce just interacting them and their thoughtful care, and they have been a great influence in the dogs they had grown up to be today. Thank you so much Joyce for founding Sleeprover, and for assembling such a wonderful team of animal lovers. Theo and Riley look forward to coming everytime, and we are grateful for you and the team being a part of our lives!

The Leaney's

Sleep Rover has been an amazing support to us during so many events in our lives. From welcoming our furbabies to the SR squad to being a strong supportive community we can go to for anything to embracing our newest rescue and working through an adjustment period to tips on food, supplements, and training - we'd be lost without you. Sleep Rover is family. A place we always feel comfortable leaving our dogs with. The staff are welcoming, helpful, kind, insightful and overall wonderful people we absolutely adore. Sleep Rover is a home away from home and we're grateful for it.

Jake Sweany

Being a English bulldog mom can be a challenging adventure with potential health issues and all of their very fussy ideas! I absolutely love that Joyce understands unique breed issues and I never have a concern leaving my dog Jake! Jake absolutely loves going to ‘school’ and truly believes he is the manager. He gets all the cuddles and scratches he could possibly want, he plays with so many dogs, enjoys the pools in the summer and all of the play structures they have! He comes home tired, happy and relaxed each and every time. He is loved beyond belief at Sleep Rover. The staff are amazing at identifying and communicating any little scratches, bumps, or oddities on his body which just lets me know how much time they spend with him. Truly I trust Sleep Rover implicitly and never lose sleep with Jake is with them. If you really love your dog, don’t deprive them of this amazing experience!