What to Expect and FAQ Section

What to expect on your first day of Sleep Rover...

Your dogs first day of daycare is exciting, but you and your pup may be feeling a bit nervous.  

As of March 2022, you will not need a mask to enter our facility.  However if you wish to wear one, we also are available to wear one as courtesy.  Please do ask.

Maximum 3 dogs in the boutique area, and please keep 2 metres apart from other dogs, due to safety.  You never know how other dogs are with their humans.  EVEN if your dog is friendly, others might not be.  Please keep 2 metres apart always.

Before your trial day we encourage you to come in during any of our business hours for a tour of our facility (but leave Rover at home, this is for humans only);

This way you'll have a better idea of where your dog will be during their day!  We encourage all trial dogs to bring either lunch, or a yummy snack to eat during their crate test (more on why we crate test below!).

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We have a same day email response policy as our email is checked 24/7.  

If you wish for a mini video of your dog, during their stay, simply ask us via email the day before - if not, check out our daily Instastories on Instagram and daily photo's uploaded on Facebook.

HERE IS what to EXPECT for you and your dog on their FIRST DAY!

 - Please arrive between 7am and 9am to drop off your dog (ON TRIAL DAY ONLY)

 - At drop off, our friendly front desk staff will greet your dog to take note of their first impression, are they nervous or excited? This allows us to know what play group they may do best in. We separate dogs by size first.

 - The front desk staff will then take the leash from you and walk them to the back; we recommend if your dog appears nervous or hesitant, that you leave quickly without making a big fuss.  Dogs can become more nervous if they sense that you are also nervous, so be up beat and positive so your dog knows that all is ok! 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask when we come back from bringing your dog to the back. 

  - Once your dog is brought to the back, they will be slowly introduced to their play group, the front desk staff and the groups dedicated caregiver will ensure that your dog is introduced in a safe and positive way! 

IN THE PLAYGROUP, their caregiver will assess the following:

- How quickly do they fit in? How quickly do they become relaxed, or start playing? 

- What are their manners like; how are they with staff as well as the other dogs?  Are they collar sensitive?

- What is their recall like? Do they look at us when we say their name, do they come when called? 

- Have they made any best friends? Who do they like to hang with. 

- What was their favorite activity through the day; do they like to play, explore, stick to themselves? 

-  If you have plans to leave them while you are on vacation, will they need a few more daycare days, or a pre overnight stay?  Or will they be good to go from the bat?

At lunch time, your dog will be put in a crate along with all the other dogs who eat lunch.  This allows us to assess how your dog is in a crate for one hour.  Should your dog ever need to have a Sleep Rover with us, its important that they are comfortable eating in a crate, so we can monitor how much they eat and give them time to rest (minimum 1 hour). This prevents the deadly bloat.

When you come to pick up your dog, the front desk staff will go over their first day report card with you, discussing all of the key points above! 

You will then have one very happy, very tired dog.  Get ready to experience your first ever #sleeprovercoma. 



Please note, we have a same day response policy!  Our busy times are 7am to 11am and 3pm to 6pm - so if we miss your phone call, do not fret - we will be sure to get back to you.  Please leave a voicemail or even better, an email! Emails are responded to a lot quicker, as we are able to check it every chance we get.


Please note, you must be an active client, and have COMPLETED A NEW DOG TRIAL FIRST.  You may email us info@sleeprover.ca or go onto our GINGR site

What Do You Mean By ACTIVE CLIENT?

To be an active client, Rover must not go over 6 months of inactivity (meaning no bookings for daycare or overnight).  If Rover has been inactive for over a year, they will be removed from our system to allow for new or waiting list clients to book with us.  We are not a 'drop in' facility, so we do require trials for all new clients before a booking, and reservations to be made in advance.  This is to ensure we have a consistent and responsible group of clients for your dogs to mingle with.  

As of March 2022, all new clients must attend Sleep Rover with 5 daycares before an overnight booking, to insure your dogs comfort before they are left in our care overnight.


Means our clients get free roam of their play rooms (just like at home or a childs daycare) inside, and OUT!

open concept

Sleep Rover is set up like a “Home Away from Home” meaning our guests have free run of the facility. We have 4 rooms separated in size and energy level – the only restrictions.

Dogs mingle and play together free and carefree like a child’s daycare. Our Layout allows for open interaction and stress free energy – and that includes our human caregivers. A quiet calm energy is important and you will find it is very quiet at Sleep Rover during the day. The loudest times are during check ins in the morning when everyone is raring to go AND during feeding time! We have a huge outside play ground (10,000 sq.ft.) for the dogs to release some steam and run and chase to their hearts content!  No cold dark concrete cells or lonely crates for a stay, listening to their friends howling in sadness. Sleep Rover is a stress-free environment with lots of human interaction. Just like home!

Tiny #sleeproversquad



Sleep Rover requires three major vaccinations for our guests: Rabies, Parvo, and Rover’s yearly boosters. Bordetella (kennel cough) and Revolution (for fleas, ticks and heart worm) are both optional but highly recommended. If Rover shows signs of ticks, fleas or extreme diarrhea – yourself or your emergency contact will be required to pick up Rover immediately.


Please make sure Rover is in healthy condition before leaving them for a long duration. Read about our view on vaccinations and check out Dr. Dobias Holistic Vet on some great non evasive remedies!  Please read up on Kennel Cough here


OF COURSE!  Any kennel you go see, should allow you immediate tours during business hours.  We do recommend coming between 11am to 2pm - when we are not dealing with checkins and outs (to which a wait time can be quite long) - however if you are in no rush to wait till all our checkins and outs are done - then please come!  We allow tours during business hours only (7am to 7pm).  Please make sure to leave Rover at home during this tour.


We require all dogs to be at least the age of 3 months old, fully vaccinated (or approved TITRE results) for at least 2 weeks, before attendance at Sleep Rover.  Due to our open concept nature, and surroundings with other dogs that frequent dog parks, training facilities etc. - we want to keep your new puppy safe and protected.

We allow all breeds - we do not discriminate! It's not the dog, it is the human behind their leash.

Take note that younger dogs, who do not frequent offleash parks or daycares often, might get their first round of Kennel Cough (DOG FLU) after a few days of their first day with us.  Please read up on the dog flu, very similar to the human flu here:  https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/bordetella-does-your-dog-really-need-the-kennel-cough-vaccine/

The virus responsible for Kennel Cough is airborne - and most dogs will build immunity to this as they age and become exposed.  Similar to the flu, dogs that are young, have low immunity or weak immunity, will become more ill.  Many will have minor symptoms, if any at all.

What can I expect after a stay at Sleep Rover?

#sleeprovercoma - our clients created this hashtag for us many years ago.  It is the main reason why clients use us!  Dogs might be tired, or go straight to bed after a day at Sleep Rover.  This is normal - just like you would, if you spent a whole day at the gym.  They might be a little sore, if this is a concern, please do let us know, to limit their play time.  

If this is their first time at a dog kennel, you might encounter the dreadful dog flu.  Like the human flu, with lots of liquids (such as homemade bone broth), some honey for their throat and lots of rest - they will create immunity to it, and possibly never get it again!  Like any flu, if symptoms become drastically bad within 12 hours, seek vet attention immediately.  

With the added dust and fur of so many dogs, some dogs develop goopy eyes due to irritations.  Sometimes some eye drops will rinse it clean and keep it moist.  Same as above, any drastic changes need immediate attention to your vet.

I am from Out of Town, Will You Take My Dog?

If Rover currently attends an open concept facility in your City, and is up to date on shots, we will accept your dog during your travels!  We simply need a letter of referral, your updated vet records and we are set to book them in.  We have clients from as far as Montreal to clients that drive down from Edmonton for their vacation just to leave Rover with us!

Why do my dogs have to be Crate Trained?

With over 100 dogs to feed, we need to kennel all our clients during feeding time.  It gives our clients space to eat and enjoy their food.  It also helps us track who is eating and who is not, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, that they get an hour rest after eating to prevent bloat and any illness.  Feeding time is a quiet time for them to relax, and have their own space.  You are more than welcome to request longer crate periods, including at lunch or even overnight.  If not, our clients are in our open concept rooms most of the day.

What’s in RoverSpa?

Who would not want to look extra special after a long absence from our loved ones? No amount of pampering is too much for our best friends. Have Rover clean before they go home!  We all know Dirty Dogs Have More Fun, however get less hugs!!  Book an appointment with Roverspa at:  info@sleeprover.ca 

How do you feed the dogs?

ALL Sleep Rover clients must be kenneled trained!  We feed all our clients in their own crates, and they are encouraged to stay in the kennel for at least an hour, to allow for digestion and to prevent vomit and puke from playing immediately after eating.  This also allows us an ability to track who has eaten, and who has not.

We do not feed breakfast for daycare dogs.  WHY?  Dogs come in super excited already, and do not seem to settle when they first get here.  As our overnight clients are all crated by 6am for breakfast, we firstly do not want to disturb them, and secondly, they are all let out by 7am.  If your dog did not eat breakfast, still bring their food, and we can feed at lunch.

We have 3 feeding times - 5:00am for breakfast, noon for lunch and 4pm for dinner.  For out of hour requests, please do email us.

Does my pet need to pass an assessment in order to be accepted at Sleep Rover?

All clients at Sleep Rover require a trial day of daycare (complimentary) before any stay (whether daycare or overnight). We will know from experience if your dog is suitable for our environment. If immediate signs of aggression are present, you will be asked to pick up Rover while they are kenneled away from the other clients. Dogs that appear under stress and do not get better as the time persists, will be asked to venture other options such as house sitting or private dog kennels.  You will receive a Trial Daycare card noting how Rover does.  A ranking of 1 to 5, 1 meaning some attention is needed and 5 being all star, no problem!

Do you allow unaltered dogs into Sleep Rover?

Unfortunately due to the nature of dogs that are intact, we do not allow any intact dog over the age of 6 months old (pushing up to a year old) to attend Sleep Rover.  Special considerations can be made, please email to discuss.  We do believe the longer you leave dogs intact, the more time allowed for them to reach full growth maturity.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We know sometimes plans change, so as long as you give us 48 hours notice – we do not have any penalties. Please read our Sleep Rover Cancellation Policy updated as of January 2013. For peak holiday times (all stat weekends running Friday to Monday), there is a non-refundable $120 charge at the time of booking with no refunds.  Christmas Holidays have custom requirements for booking.  Please inquire.