Sleep Rover Rover Park PRIVATE BOOKINGS - May

If you want Rover Park all to yourself!

About this experience

Sleep Rover Offleash Dog Park is a fenced, 5000 sq ft Outdoor Dog Park.

Currently we are only accepting bookings by Sleep Rover clients, or their referrals.
This booking is for your own PRIVATE 25 minute use - meaning you have the park to yourself and up to 3 dogs. This is a 25 minute booking - to give 5 minutes time for you to check out safely, on leash. Any additional dogs in your party, will need to be accompanied by another human.

IF MORE THAN 3 dogs:
If your guest is a Sleep Rover Active Client – the cost for their dog is $5 per dog.
If your guest is a friend of yours – the cost is $10 per dog.
You can book up to 10 dogs. Please be sure you follow the proper Covid human protocol when booking.

Our Rover Park is equipped with:
1. Poop Bags & a Poop Bin for disposal;
2. Turfed and Grassed Area;
3. Mini Agility Course;
4. Picnic Table for hoomans;
5. Wash Station to rinse off your dog (on days over 15 degrees - so your dog does not freeze, as it is cold water);
6. Splash station (over 20 degrees) and kiddie pool on days over 25 degrees;
7. Photo backdrop by Calgary Chalk Artist;
8. Hose to fill your water bowl;
9. Time clock to time your Agility Course Run (Aiming for June);

You will get a detailed email on check in procedures and a waiver to sign. Those that have already signed the waiver, do not have to sign again.
Please direct any questions to

Your Host

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Sleep Rover Rover Park - is located behind Sleep Rover at 735 41st Avenue NE, right on 6A Street. Map will be emailed to you.