Sleep Rover Winter 2022 Beginners Trick Training

TRICK and TREAT (level 1)

About this experience

Does your dog love to learn new things? Are you looking for ways to keep that busy brain mentally engaged? Do you want to build your relationship, and try something new with your dog?

Whether you're starting from zero or already have a "tight five" ready to go, Trick and Treat will give you and your dog a chance to learn, grow, and perform!  In this fun class, you and your pup will work together to build up your repertoire of tricks. In the process, you'll develop communication and training skills that will strengthen your relationship with your dog for years to come.

Tricks covered will depend on your interests and previous experience, but may include: Sit, Down, Shake, Spin, Sit Pretty, Roll Over, Bow, Crawl, Back up, Jump, Under, Climb, Dance, Hold, Play Dead, Paw Stand, Leg Weaves.

Instructor: Gulnaz Zagidullina

Each class is 45 minutes long plus 10 minutes in the fenced in Rover Park is included.

4 week program - every Monday at 6:00pm

Price: $199+gst (Price includes 1 pak of Beef or Bacon Miniwags from Farm Fresh)

Start date:    Monday, February 28th, 2022 at 6:00pm

Classes are held in a barn with minimal heating - so dress warm!  Park on the west side of Sleep Rover (not up the hill), right near the dog mural.  Dogs may relieve themselves around the side of the building - but please pick up after your dog.  We have a poop bag bin in the Park.  You may park across the street where the huge parking lot is.  Please do not block any gates.

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