What to Expect on Your First Day!


What to expect on your first day of Sleep Rover...

Your dogs first day of daycare is exciting, but you and your pup may be feeling a bit nervous.  

Before your trial day we encourage you to come in during any of our business hours for a tour of our facility (but leave Rover at home, this is for humans only); this way you'll have a really good idea of where your dog will be during their day! We encourage all trial dogs to bring either lunch, or a yummy snack to eat during their crate test (more on why we crate test below!).

Here is what to expect for you and your dog on their first day! 

- Please arrive between 6am and 9am to drop off your dog

- At drop off our friendly front desk staff will greet your dog to take note of their first impression, are they nervous or excited? This allows us to know what play group they may do best in. At this point we can answer any questions you may have before bringing your dog to the back. 

- The front desk staff will then take the leash from you and walk them to the back; we recommend if your dog appears nervous or hesitant to leave quickly without making a big fuss.  Dogs can become more nervous if they sense that you are also nervous, so be up beat and positive so your dog knows that all is ok! 

- Once your dog is brought to the back, they will be slowly introduced to their play group, the front desk staff and the groups dedicated caregiver will ensure that your dog is introduced in a safe and positive way! 

In the play group, their caregiver will assess the following: 

        - How quickly do they fit in? How quickly do they become relaxed, or start playing? 

        - What are their manners like; how are they with staff as well as the other dogs?

        - What is their recall like? Do they look at us when we say their name, do they come when called? 

        - Have they made any best friends? Who do they like to hang with. 

        - What was their favorite activity through the day; do they like to play, explore, stick to themselves? 

At lunch time, your dog will be put in a crate along with all the other dogs who eat lunch; this allows us to assess how your dog is in a crate for one hour.  Should your dog ever need to have a Sleep Rover with us, its important that they are comfortable eating in a crate so we can monitor how much they eat and give them time to rest. 

When you come to pick up your dog the front desk staff will go over their first day report card with you, discussing all of the key points above! 

You will then have one very happy, very tired dog.  Get ready to experience your first ever #sleeprovercoma.