Happy Small Business Week 2020!

Supporting your Local Small Businesses is important as you know, as it keeps your local economy sufficient and rotating.. wow that might not have made sense.  

However this year, of 2020, it is even more important, when even big box companies struggle to keep their doors open in our city.

We are offering a crazy special this year, that you can gift your dog loving friends (they do NOT have to be Sleep Rover clients) - and in turn, when they report their order number to you - you also will get $10 for services rendered at Sleep Rover.

1. Share this Special with your Friends
2. For every $50 spent by your friend they get $10 off their order using code SBSR20
3. Get the order number from your friend and email it to us at info@sleeprover.ca
4. $10 will appear on your GINGR acct to put towards your daycare, sleeprovers or grooms!
thank you for supporting #shoplocalyyc
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I will be listing my blog post from last year - listing some amazing local dog businesses we still support as of today - but today I wanted to support some local businesses not mentioned - whom are amazing!
-  our client owns Tail Blazers Ranchlands
-  one of the best sushi restaurants in Calgary - Shibuya
-  fashionable peeps - check out Splash Fashion in Kensington
-  plant lovers - our amazing clients run PLANT in Inglewood
-  making you beautiful - Elegance Medispa in Bridgeland

I have attached my post from last year here - as my local DOG businesses still stand true:

Shop Local YYC - Calgary

March 31, 2019

One thing I love about Calgary, especially being born and raised here, is the support of local businesses.

Petapalooza 2016

These are businesses, that are owner run. You see them at the front of their business, and the pride they put into their business.

Supporting local business is so important, as your hard earned money, is going to someone that is working hard to be the best they can be, for you, the customer.

More and more businesses, even vet clinics, are getting bought out by big companies. What does that mean for you as a client? Less care, less attention. To us, you are not just a number.

None of us are supported behind big box stores, or money making umbrella corporations. Every service and time spent, is from our hard nights working and sweat equity. Our countless hours outside of business hours, to be a part of your community. To be a part of your family.

Today I wanted to write about these small businesses, that not only support and uplift each other, in the industry, but local rescues, and what the community of Calgary needs. That alone I feel, is pride in ownership.

There are many out there of course (but these are my top 10 in the dog industry), and we would love to know more, so comment below and link it on our Facebook Post. During tough economic times, it is the glue between all businesses, that keep us going!

  1. Pooohbusters. This amazing strong couple, have helped many dogs over their career path - not just for poop scooping, but helping with dog training. This is how we first met. Without going into much detail, this mom and pop shop, with hard work and drive, now run the top Waste Removal business in Calgary - and growing! They give back to the community in many ways, including helping support local rescues in their fundraising endeavors, and staff so many Calgarians.
  2. Tailblazers Copperfield/Brindleberry: I met Holly when she came out strong with her photography business. Her ability to light up any photo, and bring out the joy in dog and human, let us cherish all the memories we have with our dogs. Little did I know, due to her humble nature, that she also ran one of the most active Tailblazers in Calgary. Did you know they are all individually run, and not all are the same. Before Sleep Rover Dog Boutique, I use to drive all the way south, just to buy my food, and dog beds and anything cool from her store. Holly always kept in tune with the industry. Now she runs a top notch educational blog. Make sure to catch up on her posts.
  3. Doodle Dogs YYC - being the new kid in town, we were intrigued to know, why Doodle Dogs is one of the best dog boutiques in Calgary. Their store is amazing, and the owners Meg and Corey are always looking for what is cool and fashionable, with a focus on pet nutrition. Not only did they welcome us with open arms when we went shopping, we have since become great industry supporters. A true meaning that you do not have to be the one and only to make it in the business world. There is room for everyone always - and supporting each other, helps everyone grow. They launched a beautiful grooming salon last year called DOODLE SPA - and the transformations are top notch. If you want to be fashionable for Rover, this is the place to be. It is my most favorite place to shop, as they always have something new. PLUS they are super active on Social Media. Another bonus, they have an online shop! So if you are far far away - you can still have a fashionable pup!
  4. Dekens & Montgomery Vet - I have seen Dr. Dekens around, before Sleep Rover was ever opened. He use to volunteer his time to train dogs at Sit Happens - and back then was calm and positive. Few years later, we got introduced to him - and it was an honor. He is one of the longest standing Calgary original vets, with a private practice. He attends all local functions to educate the public, and last year, opened a state of the art vet clinic in Montgomery. What is awesome, is he supports raw feeding, AND does house calls. You want a vet to trust, and a vet with experience and love for dogs. It is not much to ask for, but sometimes so hard to find.
  5. Urban Dog Market - I met this gorgeous lady Melissa, when we got approached to be part of an event her husband and her created, to raise money for AARCS. Paws in the Park. Most companies, would veer away from companies that might be ‘competition’ to them, let alone ask them to be a part of their event. We were honored. Even better, one of our foster girls ‘SURI’, a white mini bull terrier, captured her eyes, and landed the best furever home with them. Her name now is Rosie. You can see her modelling (or sleeping) in their store, right in Marda Loop. This little adorable boutique is stocked with the most fashionable and yummy dog items, AND has a small dog daycare.
  6. Global Pets Cochrane - Same with the other franchises, not all are the same. The ladies at Global Pets Cochrane are always taking part in any fun event we have. Their store is STOCKED to the max with EVERYTHING pet - and they are changing it up always. It might be a drive to Cochrane, but it is a gorgeous place to walk your dogs, hang out, and then spoil Rover. Make a trip out there, as you will always get welcomed with a smile there. Fiona and Christine are just such huggable, loving people - to humans too! Plus you can stop for Ice Cream on your way back into town.
  7. Cultured Canines - all I have to say, is lead by example. The training world is a difficult world. Just like raising kids, there is never ONE right way. I love Beth and her crew, because they trek through all controversies, and lead by example. Actions always speak louder than words, and their students rep that. Promoting well behaved dogs, means they can live the best life there is. Walking well on leash, going to public places and enjoying life, with a few simple rules. Let’s be real, it is training the human that is the tough part. Beth is always helping out in fundraising events, and super active in dog activities in the Calgary Community. A strong responsible breeder supporter, this girl is here to keep the integrity of the dog community strong. From puppy classes, puppy socials to consistent dog courses - your dog is set up for success.
  8. Bon A Pet Treat - this little cute bakery started it all (2006!!). Make sure to stop by for a treat on your way to Banff, as this adorable shop is right off highway 1. Emily is always in every Calgary event, supporting the community, and spoiling the community dogs with delicious HEALTHY treats. Her focus is to promote dog nutrition, without faltering on quality and taste. My eyes light up, at every booth they make up. I sometimes feel like I go to all the events they are at, just to buy my dog treats. Drool worthy. Do not miss out on their yearly Stampede Breakfast.
  9. The Dog with a Bow Photography - I had been admiring the work of Paul for a few years. His ability to capture why we love dogs, is stunning. Last year, I finally signed up for my first session, and seeing him in action, shows why, he is able to capture these moments. He does not mind getting down and dirty for the most perfect shot of your dog. He is super friendly and calm. He also does not rush you, or get frustrated. Although these seem like basic criteria for photography, you would be surprised how hard it is to come by. Paul also consistently does photos for dogs in need. He is always taking time out of his day, to feature dogs in need of homes. He also helps out with a lot of fundraising for various rescues with his skills.
  10. Bark Industry - We met Chyves and Anna through hockey, and soon found out they started (well their dog Tony did), a dog apparel company. Famous for their adorable, functional backpacks, this company caught the eye of the Dragons Den. Super active in the dog community and social media, these 2 take customer service to the extreme, but delivering locally straight to you. Custom fit and answering all your questions about their product, that also consist of cooling jackets for the summer, winter boots for the winter and functional dog accessories for you.

We all have the choice of where to shop and where to go, to spend our hard earned money. Know that supporting local, feeds back into the community, and allows us to support the community back.

I want to thank all our customers and clients, that even during a downturn of the economy, they still support us. They still will spend a few extra dollars just to buy food from us, or sign up their dog for daycare once a week, just to help us out, even when times are tough.

As our last year of lease is approaching, we are excited to still be around, and of course, to give back more, once we settle in a smaller facility. We have exciting plans for 2020, and cannot wait to give back to our long time supporters, and these amazing local businesses. Together we unite and thrive.

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