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Established in 2009 by Joyce Kao, Sleep Rover was born to provide a safe and fun environment for the dogs of Calgary.

The idea was started from a basement home business called Doggiessentials in Marda Loop when Joyce was 20 years old and attending the University of Calgary with her dog JJ and Siefer.  Timing wasn't right at that moment and Joyce divulged in other employment opportunities, from working at a Home Builder for 5 years, to a Lawyer firm in Saskatoon, to Real Estate to overnight reception at the Calgary hostel and of course, sushi restaurants.

It wasn't till she met Jimmy - that after they flipped their first home, she was able to pursue her dream again.  With their passion for dogs, they wanted a place where dogs can have fun, and relax in a home away from home environment with trustworthy people.


“Live your Life, Like your Dog”

Every day, I am learning.

Every day, a dog teaches me something.

What I do know, is all I want, is the best for the dogs, that come into my life.

First thing is care, then follows understanding and enrichment to insure their joy, happiness and fulfillment.  My goal over the years was to provide a place for ALL BREEDS of dogs to stop breed discrimination.  

However not least, is spoiling them, through nutritional nourishment in what they eat, comfort, play and experiences.

We have rescued through some amazing rescues and continue to support the rescue community.  We also are supportive of reputable breeders and enjoy supporting the community through sport and show.


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Shogun & Joyce

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2022 Gold Winner Calgary Community Votes - Kennel
2020 Best in Calgary Dog Daycare
2018 Winner - Best Dog Daycare by Top Choice Awards
2017 - Best Dog Daycare by Metro Voted Customer Service Award 2015 & 2016 Via Calgary Chambers Voted Best Dog Kennel 2016 Avenue Magazine Voted Best Dog Daycare
2016 Metro Magazine Finalists, 2014 Calgary Chambers in Customer Service