Sleep Rover Mural by Calgary Chalk Artist

If you did not know, we now have an offleash park for rent!  

An amazing long time client, Coulston's, recently moved to Texas, and wanted to donate a generous amount of $$ to freshen up our park.  

I wanted something meaningful, that we could remember for years to come.  So I came about this mural idea, right at the door to our Offleash Dog Park.

This mural, is painted by the talented Roz from Calgary Chalk Artist.  She has done a few of our artworks - and has a genuine love for supporting local businesses.  We found it fitting to have her adorn her talent on our walls for all to see.

This mural represents the foundation of Sleep Rover - and well, how it all started.

I want to start off with the cute Chihuahua Hermia (MIA).  She was queen B of their pack, and we will always remember her saucy nature.  When the family moved back to Texas, we were saddened of course, as we always are, when clients move back home.  We still love following many of you, and your adventures.  

With the Coulston's, as sweet as they are, and as thoughtful as they are - they represented many of our Sleep Rover clients.  I credit them and all of you, for being there for us when it was tough, offering suggestions, and inspiring us to keep going.  That energy is priceless.  That confidence and faith is priceless.

As they wanted to help us improve our newly opened, Rover Park offleash, I wanted something that we could remember and admire, for years to come.

So because of them, we have started this mural.  It represents what started Sleep Rover and what inspired Sleep Rover.

Mia is front and center - representing you all - our amazing Sleep Rover clients.  You truly are what keeps this company going.

In order of presence, would of course be Casey and JJ above Mia.  They both represent my parents.  Without going too much into detail - here is a blog I wrote about some of my 12 dogs in my life:

Casey was a dog we had throughout our childhood - and he is donned with my dad's name.  JJ is my first real dog, that my mom adopted from the Calgary Pound.  JJ taught us everything dog, and one thing I did not note in my blog in 2014 - was that when I ran away from home, I lugged her, with my pillow and backpack, onto the City transit at only 17.  Not only did JJ teach us not to give up on her when she was young, she never gave up on me during the low times of my life.  So when people tell me, they have no time or money, it does irk me a little.  I have lived on the streets of Calgary, and got turned away at the Woman's Shelter, because I had a dog with me.  I still never let JJ go.  I had to find a way to make it work.

Although my relationship with my parents were not the most glamourous, they have been huge supporters during my Sleep Rover years, and of course, taught me to be hardworking.

Next is Jaguar, the rottie on the left.  He is represented by my ever supportive brother.  Always at our events and always telling people about us.  He never asks for much, just like Jaguar - but both, the most loyal beings you will ever meet.  Jaguar, was my 'brother', and he taught me so much about dog discrimination, and how misunderstood they were.  This is why, Sleep Rover is one of a few facilities, that ALLOW ALL BREEDS - thus the hashtag #weWelcomeALLbreeds.

From Jaguar, came along a few other Rottweiler rescues into my life, but Shogun, has definitely been what impacted me most.  Everything fun at Sleep Rover, was credit to him.  From dog nutrition, to getting Calgary's first Dock Diving Pool - he started it all.  We learned so much from him, because Sleep Rover started in 2009, and that is when he came into our lives.  Now as he ages, I am learning so much on how to keep him healthy, with dog massage and supplements.

Jack - represents Jimmy, and this was a pretty down period in our lives.  When we moved into SR#2 - all things bad went our way.  It went so far, as to leave us both in depression - which we both struggled to accept.  To feel lost, and to shut out the world from us.  Jack was a breath of fresh air and hope - and faith that we can be, who we always strived to be.  With Jack, it seemed like things finally started to fall into place, where we could forgive, and move forward.  We came out of that phase a stronger couple.

Lastly, Onyx, representing our current landlords.  A brother and sister duo, whom with their spouses, have given us a new appreciation and trust in landlords.  Not only that, during this Covid chaos, they were there, to motivate and uplift us.  They really do want to see us succeed.  They speak the word, and follow through with it, by actions.  They are that new hope that we greatly appreciate.

We hope in the coming years, we can continue to expand this mural.  Next in line, will be our senior staff dogs.



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