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Collagen powder is a natural supplement that helps to lubricate and protect connective tissues that support the hips and joint health. Think of collagen as the glue holding the contents of the body together. About one-third of your dog & cat's protein is collagen. As your pet's body ages, collagen production slows down, so ensuring they get enough in their diet is essential. Collagen also is what gives your pet's skin healthy elasticity. A sufficient amount in their diet can help your dog or cat shed less, itch less, and have a softer, shinier coat. We packaged it in a recyclable jar with a 1/4 teaspoon for easy serving.

Livstrong Atlantic Kelp may help with immune support, liver function and healthy skin & coat.

Atlantic kelp powder, derived from seaweed found in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, is a popular supplement for dogs and cats due to its rich nutritional profile and potential health benefits.

Livstrong Pumpkin + Boost may help with digestive system support, bowel regularity & antioxidant boost.

  • Healthy Nutrients and Fiber
  • Bowel regularity & digestion
  • Swelling & Inflammation
  • Healthy Digestive tract

Pumpkin + Boost supports digestive discomfort and issues in dogs and cats. Organic Pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber, which can help regulate bowel movements. It can be particularly beneficial for pets that suffer from constipation or diarrhea, as it can help normalize stool consistency. Organic Ginger can stimulate digestion by increasing the production of digestive enzymes, which can be particularly useful for pets with indigestion or slow digestion. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe digestive discomfort and reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Like Ginger, Organic Yucca root contains saponins, which may have anti-inflammatory effects and may benefit pets with gastrointestinal inflammation, helping ease discomfort and irritation. We packaged it in a recyclable jar with a 1/4 teaspoon for easy serving.

Livstrong Green Lipped Mussel may help with hip & joint support, anti-inflammatory & pain relief.

  • Omega 3 & 6
  • Hip & Joints
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation & Pain

Green Lipped Mussel, a shellfish from the pristine waters of New Zealand, is a natural source of complex proteins, concentrated glycosaminoglycans, amino acids, omega 3 (ETA), omega 6, selenium, and chelated minerals (zinc, copper, and manganese). These elements, combined with its high chondroitin sulphate content, make it an excellent choice for supporting your pet's hip and joint health. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also relieve conditions like elbow or hip dysplasia. We've made serving with our recyclable jar and 1/4 teaspoon serving size even easier.