Kennel Cough, Dog Flu Season and the Bordetella Shot

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NO NEW DOG TRIALS for April 2017

March 29, 2017

For the first time in 7 years, I make this difficult decision, to stop any more new dogs from booking trials with Sleep Rover.

Since our first Facebook Post in February - there has been an alarming amount of dogs, reporting that their dogs have Kennel Cough for the month of March 2017.  We usually average 1 or 2 per season (Spring/Fall) - but within March, we have hit almost 16 dogs.  Although we cannot pinpoint blame on any one dog ( as sometimes dogs who do NOT show symptoms, can carry the virus ), we can stop it where possible.  Being an airborne virus, it is pretty difficult to 100% rid - but we have been very lucky, the last 7 years, to not see much of it!

The common line with all 16 dogs - is they are new to Sleep Rover within the last year, more so, 12 of them are new for 2017.

With us averaging 10 new dogs per week - many dogs have either:

1)  Recently received their Bordetella shot, read more here by Dr. Dobias - how dogs can go without the Bordetella shot and NOT get Kennel Cough (like 3 of my own, who knock on wood, have not gotten the cough).  Whereas ones that 'just got the shot' to attend a kennel, or are a puppy, get it within a week to 2 later:;

2)  Or have not built immunity to the virus yet, therefore showing symptoms, and spreading it.

Although we take precautions every season, with our large Make Up Air Unit and cleaning throughout the day - this airborne virus has become a nuisance to our new clients for the month of March.

Besides breaking our hearts (and yours, hearing your babies cough), and having the virus linger during this FLU Season, we have decided to stop all new dogs from booking for new trials, till we are in the clear.

We have not seen any regular clients come up with symptoms, as most of them, have developed immunity to the virus over the years.

Whether there is a new strain starting, or our new clients have never frequented kennels/offleash parks etc. before, we are not sure.

We just want to be safe.  YES it is not mandatory at Sleep Rover to have Bordetella shots yearly, and it has worked wonders over the last 7 years.  However with that being said, 14 of the 16 dogs infected, all had their Bordetella Shots.  As this is a touchy subject, just like the flu shot, we always leave that choice, to you, the parent.

Please stay tuned to when we lift this NO TRIAL alarm.  We are hoping for May 1st.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but having one of our younger new clients suffer from pneumonia on the weekend and many of you calling this week to inform that your dog is ill, was enough for us to make this difficult decision.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   We are always hear to give suggestions including what to do, during flu season, to make sure Rover, can pass the season unharmed.  This includes Oil of Oregano in the beginning of the season, bone broth soups to rinse out their system and extra nutrition added to their meals.

All new clients, your trials will be cancelled for April.  Please do reschedule for May when possible.  Exceptions can be made for dogs, who have frequented other dog facilities in the past, and built immunity to the virus.  Noting you have the Bordetella shot, will not be accepted for new dog trials.

We will be cracking down on ANY hacking or coughing motions by your dog.  YOU MUST pick up your dog immediately and not be allowed to return till your have a vet clear, OR 2 weeks, whichever is sooner.


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