“Whether your dog benefits from physical activity, mental stimulation or socialization..”

Dog daycare is a place for your dog to spend the day with other dog friends, play, exercise and relax in the care of our experienced dog caregivers.

While you are at work your dog can enjoy hourly outdoor playground adventures, cuddles, naps, playtime and plenty of attention.

We cherish each day they are with us and document daily with photos.

$50 + tax (7am to 7pm)

Daytime fun for Rover

- Hourly Outdoor Playground Play for Fresh Air
- Daily Journal plus Photo
- Experienced Caregiver Supervising 24/7
- Indoor Open Playgroup
- Fresh Water
- Daily Photos on Facebook and Instagram Stories
- Hugs and Snuggles

$40 plus tax (7am to 7pm)

Additional Dogs

For each additional dog in the same household, it is a special reduced price of $40 per dog.

daycare has perks

From Spa Addons to Events

Stay tuned on Social Media for our monthly Minishoots that only daycare clients can sign up for!

Take advantage of our discounted addons from Roverspa for services like nail cutting or brushing.