Sleep Rover Overnights


What is different about daycare and our Sleep Rover? Rover gets to stay with us over night just like a Slumber Party. Dogs have the option to sleep with us amidst all the comfy dog beds – or being kenneled – your preference! Our focus is to have Rover’s comfort in mind!


We are staffed 24/7 – so dogs are always supervised!


Always ask your boarding facility if they are staffed 24/7 – this should be a set standard. If not, ask them how often the dogs are left alone, and what they would do in case of an emergency, a dog injury, illness or possible fire.

When is check in and check out time for overnights?

We recommend having dogs checked in before 9am – to allow dogs to play and have fun with everyone else, while they are awake and crazy!  Our convenient business hours are 7am to 7pm - Monday through Friday.  Please give us a heads up if you will be checking in later.


OVERNIGHTS - 24/7/365

Sleep Rover

overnight charge, includes next day


Additional Dogs

more than one dog in the same family


DISCOUNT RATES DO NOT APPLY DURING STAT HOLIDAYS and are VOID from Dec 15th to January 3rd each year

10 Consecutive Nights

10 Nights Inclusive - same stay

$10% off total stay before tax

20 Consecutive Nights and above

20 Nights Inclusive - same stay

$15% off total stay before tax


*Please note that you must schedule a trial for your dog before any bookings to insure our facility is suitable for your dog.  Trial days are limited, so please give yourself a few weeks before your vacation to insure your Trial Day is complete!*