sleep rover's - aka overnight services

Sleep Rover is one of the only dog boarding facilities in Calgary that is staffed 24/7 with experienced dog caregivers.  

You want to leave your dog, not just with someone who treats your dog like family, but has dog experience.

We accomodate 1 night stays - up to monthly care, whether it is for vacation or work.  We track how they do, take photos and track their feeding and any supplements or medication needed.

In order to use our Overnight services, you must be an ACTIVE daycare client (at least once a month attendance).  I mean why would you want to leave your dog somewhere they do not know?

$85 plus tax 

we charge by the night only

-  Expect everything you get for Rover for Daycare Services
-  Rover sleeps with their friends in a room (just like a Sleep Rover in a home)
-  Optional request to crate overnight with a comfy Molly Mutts bed
-  Experienced overnight caregiver
-  Health Check In and Out

Overnight Requirements

We do not take just any dog

There are two mandatory rules to follow before you can book at overngiht with us:
1.  Complete 5 consecutive daycare days;
2.  Receive at least a 4/5 score for Crate test;
3.  Regular daycare client (at least a monthly attendee)


We care

We do not charge more for handling Raw Food or Home Cooked Food.

We do not charge more to administer medications or supplements.

Only senior staff are in charge of meal preparation and we track everything from intake, stool formity and activity. 


addons and discounts

For long stays, adding to Rover's vacation can change it up for them. 
Popular addons are:
1.  Lunch time Nap with a Bully Stick
2.  Rover Park Fetch - 1 on 1 time with a caregiver in our Offleash Dog Park - includes 1 video and 2 photos

Stays over 10 nights receive 20% off - please mention at checkout
Email us for a monthly rate!


we stock everything

Did you forget to bring food?

No worries, we carry the top brands of Raw, Wet, and Dry Dog Food at our hotel.

Simply let us know what you want, and we will add it to your account!  Easy.