Rest in Peace Nelson 041820

As I write this, Nelson has already gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Many of our clients have passed over the last 10 years, although everyone is special, Nelson really stood out.  What Nelson stood for.

Born March 26th, 2009 - Nelson was one of our last Sleep Rover OG clients.  October 15th, 2010 was Nelson's first day with us.

Nelson was full of spunk and mischievous.  Many of us, have spent countless times, chasing him in the yard to come in because he laughed, you could tell, at our inability to catch him.  Here he was at Sleep Rover 1 with Amber.

He taught us dog language, he taught us how to handle difficult dogs, and for most, he taught us love and loyalty.  Many of you probably heard him bark in the mornings, from 'Nelson's Room' as you checked in.. and us going 'NELSON!'.  

He made all of us, think outside of the box, as many people, would get outsmarted by him!  He even convinced us to feed him when he wasn't feeling well.  He loved splashing out ALL the water in the pools we filled up.  

We all catered to Nelson.

You see, Nelson was an amazing boy, but his father and family, were more so.  Nelson's dad, showed the true meaning of loyalty and dog love.

He went through so many life impacting stages, throughout the last 10 years of knowing him, that many would surrender to.  Without divulging too much of his life, Nelson was always priority.  He would even work overnight shifts just to make sure Nelson had care with us at Sleep Rover.  

Throughout his multiple fights with cancer, he always thought about Nelson first.  He worked hard so Nelson's quality of life, never hindered.  Many would surrender their dog, but Nelson's dad, always fought, worked hard and showed all the caregivers of Sleep Rover, to never make excuses, no matter what life threw at you.

A commitment is made, to care for the dog you brought into your life.

He showed us integrity, he showed us loyalty, he showed us all unconditional love and sacrifice.

What Nelson's dad did, vibed back into Nelson, as he touched every caregiver that came into Sleep Rover.  Even to this day, caregivers that haven't seen him in years, REMEMBER Nelson, Nellie..Big Floof!

I know the last week was tough for you and your dad Nelson.  You are his best friend, he called you 'his buddy'.  You supported him through his 3 fights with Cancer since 2014, and you were his artistic inspiration. 

I still remember the day when your dad, planned your trip in 2013 when he first found out he had Cancer.  He wanted to travel all of Canada and US, just you and him, and he made it happen.  Your dad was never the one to make excuses.  He said he would do it, and he did.  When many would be sad and self pity, he knew he had to be strong for you.

He came out of his first Surgery with flying colors, and instead of moping, he planned ANOTHER trip to take you, a 100+lb dog, overseas to the Netherlands.  He wanted to show you where he grew up!

We all knew, your dad did not have much money.  However we know, every hard worked dollar, was made for you.

Through our ups and downs with Sleep Rover, you and your dad, travelled those ups and downs with us.  The base of our foundation, of Sleep Rover, was because of you, and your dad.  That love, that loyalty, and that care.

You will be forever remembered and forever talked about Nelson.  You and your father, are the reason why Sleep Rover continues to thrive, as you fuelled us with love that continues to burn forward.

We are so blessed to have hugged you, and loved you, one last time.  You no longer have to suffer, and I know, you are grinning from above.  You take care of your dad as his angel now.

We love you so much.


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