Sleep Rover May 2021 Covid Update

Many of you have asked how we are doing at Sleep Rover during the 2nd year of the pandemic.

I write this with a little more worry this month, after applying for our Subsidies from the government.  

We are doing much better than a lot of other businesses, so I hope this does not come off as a complaint (I know how lucky we are) - but just an update.

March and April 2021 have been quite slow.  April was a 75% drop from 2019.  This shocked me as well. Easter Weekend and Spring Break is usually quite busy for us, followed by May Long - and straight through summer.

With the newest restrictions, we feel May will be another slow one, as no one is travelling.

As we updated everyone last year, we moved most of our staff to our busy days, which right now is Tuesday and Thursdays.  In April we maxed our capacity for Wednesdays too, to hope to fill that up.

I do not want to ask our clients to book more, spend more, only because everyone is going through financial struggle.  I am grateful for everyone booking when they can already.  I feel guilty and appreciative at the same time.

We at Sleep Rover are trying to find ways to make it worth it for our clients to come support us, such as weekly Monday sales, Minishoots, and for May, Ball Pit Wednesdays.  

These 3 days of Tues/Wed/Thurs are busier now which we love.  It however does not make up for the Friday through to Monday huge declines.  At this time in 2019 - we would be 50-60 dogs on the weekends - right now we average 10.

In February, Jimmy, Jordan and Sarah cleaned up our barn and created a Fenced in Outdoor Offleash Park (#SRoverparkYYC) - hoping to bring in some bookings for the slower periods at Sleep Rover.  This more affordable dog activity, we hope would bring in some income for us and help socialize your dog as well.  Something you can enjoy with your dog loving friends in the outdoors.

To keep this park safe, we have kept it to our Sleep Rover clients only for use.  We know you will respect the park and take care of it.  We are also hoping you will tell your respectful friends about it too - so we can fully book the park.  You simply need to email us their name.

As lumber prices have sky rocketed, we were limited on what we could build, but I think they did a great job with the budget we had.

Companies such as Majestic Signs, Yardworx, Lumber King and Home Sports Turf gave us great rates as well - to make sure we opened for May.

So with that all being said, we are doing well.  We are always thinking of ways to make your hard working earnings worth it.  

I do not want to forget, in thanking ALL OF YOU for your continuous business and support through Covid changes.  We are afloat and our team is employed because of you.

We are in a rough and bumpy patch, and I know, when the Covid restrictions are lifted, we will be back at it!

How you can help?  We considered overnight passes but that is wasted for everyone - and just prolongs us 'owing' our clients for future overnights that probably won't be used for awhile.  

The only thing I can think of is:

1.  BOOK OUR PARK -  Bring your friends! (we are currently fine tuning the private bookings)

2.  HELP SUPPORT OUR BOUTIQUE - Tell your friends to buy from us by sharing our weekly Must Have Monday Coupon Code.  This week is all Canada Pooch products including their Rain Jackets and Cooling Vests:  

Jordan still does Calgary, Airdrie and Okotok's Delivery every Sunday.  It is free for those ordering over $100.  Have dog food and treats delivered right to your door!

Starting this weekend (ends June) - every Saturday you book daycare, for only $5 more (total of $45+tax), we will take Rover to Rover Park for 15 minutes.  You will get a quick video and 3 photos emailed to you!  You can book it here (passes not allowed):

May 25th - Ashlea will be holding a MiniShoot - and thank you to a client suggestion on Facebook - we will be attempting a Treat Catching Portrait.  Your dog must be okay to take Open Farm Freeze Dried treats for this photo.  They are a great ethical Canadian company.  The cost of treats will be implemented into the Portrait cost.  It will be $25 per single dog photo.  Will post a sample of it this weekend as we trial a new lens.  This is in addition to daycare.

Hopefully with these fun additions, we will have a fun May with all of you.

In respect to our seasonal updates about Lice and Kennel Cough - we had 2 cases of Lice in March/April and just 2 cases of reported Kennel Cough since January.  Pretty uneventful - which is great!

Another boring fun fact, last year we bought fly traps to trap all the flies we get - and it worked wonders, till we started bringing ALL THE FLIES to our yard. Who knew they had such a crazy radius (up to 1km!).  This year, we changed it up with planters filled with Fresh and Dried Lavender.  We also brought in some Citronella plants.  These are natural and safe deterrents and situated out of dog reach.  We will update you to see if it works!

Thank you again for all you do for us.




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