Week #6 with Covid - We are Open - Slowly but Surely

Wow, over a month has passed since Covid 19 affected Sleep Rover's regular ritual.

Thank you to all our April Pass purchasers, not only helping us through our Payroll and Rent, but helping us manoeuvre our day to day tasks, to make sure, we run efficiently and safely during this pandemic.

I would like to thank EVERYONE for following our check in and out protocol, to make sure, we keep each other safe.  The focus on doing this will keep you healthy, and us healthy, and the business striving forward.

This entails:

1.  Waiting for each other to check in and out, and doing so quickly, for minimal contact and less wait time;

2.  Standing on our 2 metre circles and sanitizing your hands when coming and going;

3.  Some of you have worn gloves and masks which we love, and depending if the virus is under control, we might start wearing masks as well;

4.  If you feel sick, or have been around someone who is sick, do NOT bring your dog.  If it is just the flu, or proven it is not Covid, then, yes you are more than welcome back after the 2 week period;

5.  Keep a mental note, that we treat everyone that comes in, like they have it.  So we must respect the rules above with strict seriousness.  Remember, you might not have symptoms, and still spread it to others;

4.  Not purchasing in store but online.  (DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE A STORE ONLINE?)  We have set some boundaries in the store, not really for the shoppers, but we had our first theft too!  A young couple came in, even though the lights were out, and walked in and when I addressed them, they scurried out in their big puffy jackets.  Please note, I do have a camera installed at the front door.  More so, City has shut down retail purchases in store.  You can buy everything online now, and we offer pick up after daycare, curbside pickup and Monday Deliveries in Calgary on orders over $100.  The delivery is great, as you can support us and our driver Jordan, without attending daycare.  

Also on that note, thank you so much for buying through us.  Whether it is poop bags, one bully stick, every little bit has helped us financially.  Coming into May, I am so thankful the Wage Subsidy has kicked in, as we are unable to add more dogs to our capacity without adding more staff.  Jimmy and I are both working almost 80 hour weeks to fill in shifts, and I am quite behind on all the regular office duties (and am so, doing on my weekend off).  I am not complaining at all, I love it, I love how hard you all work for us to stay afloat.  

I just want to be able to grace over the 40 dog mark, so we can make sure we have enough rent and payroll when the subsidy help stops in June.

The wage subsidy kicks in tomorrow, and I'll be on my computer getting it all complete, and am excited to open daycare for all our active clients, as of May 4th (may the force be with us!).  We will limit to 60 dogs per day, due to the chaos of check in and check out - we still want to remain safe with physical distancing.  We also do not want to have you all wait for 15-20 minutes to pick up your dogs, due to the volume.  We might implement specific times to pick up and drop off as well if it does get overwhelming.  Note you can buy your passes online and nail trims too - to save time at pick up.

Just like our April Pass Trials, we will see how it is, for these 2 weeks (May 4th to 15th), and go from there.  My biggest focus is that we continue running safely, with this protocol, to keep us all safe.  Our thought is, as noted, that we will all get it, but the less touching, talking etc., the less abundance of it, will be around to effect us.

We still disinfect like crazy people at night and throughout the day, on items such as door handles, front counter, debit machine etc.  

This will be the new norm for all businesses.

We will continue to hold off on tours of the facility and will do a LIVE tour on Instagram (find us @sleeprover) Thursday, May 7th, 2020 at 10am.  

Once again, thank you so much for all you have done for us and each other.  It is scary, and it is okay to be worried, but with each other, we got this.  

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