WHY We do TRIAL Days 2021

As we slowly open up for Covid, we are swarmed with phone calls.  We love it.

Unfortunately with all the phone calls, comes disappointed and upset people, that do not understand our protocol.

We do not make it difficult to book with us because we are 'entitled' or 'elite'.  

It is important for everyone to understand why we do the things we do.

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

I wrote this blog 4 years ago (so ignore the old landlord reference in there) - but everything applies the same today.  We have not changed.


Running a safe and efficient dog facility takes patience and careful selection.  We had not had a dog bite till just recently in months because of this.

We carefully screen our dog clients, and make sure the humans are respectful and understanding as well.

I think our current clients, respect the fact that we do not just allow anyone to drop off their dogs at Sleep Rover, especially those last minute.  This keeps our environment as safe as can be.

Getting yelled at for last minute families, that demand daycare or overnights within a few days, and to show up in person upset - is unacceptable.  This is also why, we have stopped accepting new clients as of June 24th, 2021.

All those interested, will need a referral from our current active clients.

We currently are full for New Dog Trials till mid August 2021 - so we also would like to leave any future daycare spots and overnights, for our current clients to book in.

Please note, that we are almost full for July (thank you to everyone, that prebooked yesterday).

Any questions, please do not hesitate to email us (as our phone rings off the hook, it has been impossible to answer every call).

Thank you for understanding.


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